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One often hears that Colombia is dangerous?

Many countries of Latin America enjoy doubtful reputations so was Colombia in the 90s. Since fifteen years, the country has changed, Colombian government has worked to pacify the country. As a result tourism has taken off throughout the country, thus opening new remote fishing areas

How can I best organize my fishing trip to Colombia?

First, float the idea among your fishing buddies and with your favourite fishing partner, because nothing is more important than sharing such a unique adventure. The best formula is to put together a group of between 4 and 8 fishing fanatics (not only men… fanatic fishing girl groups are welcome too !). The bigger the group, the cheaper your trip can be. 

What species of game fish can I expect in Colombia?

In freshwater: peacock bass (pavone), dogfish (payara), picuda (a local cousin of dorado) and less known like mojara, sardinata, corvinata…Trout is also found in mountainous areas and largemouth bass in some dam lakes.

Saltwater : Tuna, grouper, rooster fish, sailfish, tarpon, red carp, GT, mahi-mahi (dolphin fish), snook ...

picuda fishing © Copyright Pesca Colombia 2018

Can I combine freshwater and saltwater fishing destination in my fishing trip to Colombia?

Yes, if you give yourselves more than 12 days in Colombia we can easily organize different mixed fishing expeditions. Most fishing sites require two days of travel for the return journey. Also be sure to check the best seasons for your targeted species.


Is it possible to come without fishing gear?

Yes. At a small extra charge we can provide baitcasting, spinning and fly fishing tackle.


Can I buy fishing tackle, lures, flies in Colombia ?

There are not many fishing tackle shops in Colombia so we recommend that you come well equipped and

with essential items of gear in duplicate (rod, line, lure …) in case of accident or other jungle stress #didyouseethatmonsterfish.

tuna thon atun fishing © Copyright Pesca Colombia 2018

What does a fishing camp look like?

Generally set up on the sandy beach of a river, each fisherman enjoys a spacious individual tent with a large bed or a large inflatable mattress. The kitchen, reserves, toilets and logistic sections are normally installed under cover, protected in case of rain and wind. There is electricity in the evening and in the morning, so it’s possible to recharge small electric equipment (phone, camera…)

Do I need travel insurance?

Yes. Travel insurance should cover medical and emergency assistance and penalties in the event that you need to cancel or change your travel plans. 


Can I combine my fishing trip with other activities (hiking, surfing, diving, tourism) ?

Yes. Thanks to our local partners and at your request we will happily help you enjoy the best of Colombia, and to discover its many natural, cultural and historical riches.


Is internet available at the camp ?

Some fishing areas are isolated from the network. After few days most of our customers are delighted not to be pestered ! #socialnetworkdetox

What happened in case of cancellation ?

A full refund will be made if your trip is cancelled at least 90 days before the scheduled departure date.

No refund will be issued in the case of cancellation less than 60 days before scheduled departure, unless the reservation can benefit any late comer and is taken up by other.

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