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Fish and Seasons

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Peacock bass 

Among the many Colombian treasures in the rivers of the Amazon basin, the mythical Cichlidae family of fish comprises no less than 15 species, all called Peacock-Bass.


The holy grail, the Cichla temensis, also called Acu, weighing up to 25lbs, is the biggest, the strongest, the most aggressive of them all. It is the “big one”, the monster peacock bass you dream of, that you watch on those internet videos ! And believe us, when you see and experience its explosive take, you too will be hooked !


In rivers from the Orinoco basin to the Amazon jungle, peacock bass fishing opens in the dry season and runs from mid-December to mid-April.

Sometimes, on the sandy beach of a river or in the shallows of a lagoon, you could try some sightfishing for patrolling peacock-bass, but most fishing involves methodically prospecting the back, covered and deep waters ... but do be wary of that explosive touch!


It is possible to fish peacock-bass all year round in Colombia, in specific lakes, commonly the size and quantity of the fish are unlikely to be as great as in the wild. In lake, peacock bass fishing is very similar to US bass fishing in terms of gear and fishing patterns (soft lure, jig, spinnerbait …).

© Copyright Pesca Colombia 2018 - picuda on fly tchernobyl
© Copyright Pesca Colombia 2018 - picuda on fly


The Picuda is a superb game fish whose fascinating fishing is practiced in scenic rivers.


It can be fished all year round but the best times are the dry seasons, from June to September and from December to April.


With its scintillating golden scales and its torpedo head, the Picuda (Salminus affinis) is a cousin of the mythical argentinian or bolivian dorado, smaller but still reaching 20lbs.


Still little known, the Picuda is a fantastic opponent, a voracious carnivore with a powerful jaw, concealed in waiting behind boulders in the rapids of the Colombian Andes. It is great fun to fish with lures, from spinnerbait to jerk-minnow, or flies from popper to deceivers and why not try an imitation mouse ?


© Copyright Pesca Colombia 2018

On the Colombian Pacific coast, it is possible to successfully fish all year round most of the saltwater gamefish: marlin, tarpon, grouper, cubera, tuna, sailfish, GT, snook ... with some specific species dependant on the season.

January / February : marlin, yellowfin tuna, amberjack.

March / April : marlin, big yellowfin tuna.

May / June : sailfish, rooster fish, tarpon, tuna.

July / August : cubera, marlin.

September / November : wahoo.

December : trevally, amberjack, cubera.

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